About Our Practice

Dr. Montalbano's office is a comfortable, family-friendly environment where patients are relaxed in a residential home setting. Patients are fully encouraged to closely interact with the doctor and staff with any questions concerning their symptoms and treatment.

Dr. Montalbano takes great pride in both the time he gives to each of his patients personally, as well as the many relationships he has built over the years of experience in the neighborhood.

Parents are always welcome to bring their children to play in the waiting room while they are being treated. Dr. Montalbano also treats children from infancy through young adulthood for a variety of pediatric issues. Our office makes children feel much at home.

At the Community Chiropractic office, the doctor and his staff pride themselves in making the patients feel like they are dealing with the type of neighborhood doctor's office of years gone by.


About Doctor Montalbano

After graduating with honors from New York Chiropractic College in 1986, Dr. Montalbano is very proud and honored to have served the Whitestone community (which he grew up in and still resides in) and surrounding areas for the past 26 years. In that time, Dr. Montalbano's office has treated four generations of families, with the full spectrum of health needs through chiropractic. Dr. Montalbano continually teaches his patients best health practices and demonstrates his willingness to spend the time necessary to provide them with the best possible, personalized, and attentive health care services through chiropractic.

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