Having been a practicing dentist since 1987, I can say without reservation that regular Chiropractic care has kept me working and living pain-free for decades. While my classmates often complain about their aches and pains, I can only thank Heaven that I have been largely free of these problems,I believe by seeing Michael and his staff regularly since I started my career. On those rare occasions when a difficult week causes a specific problem (numbness in my fingers is one which Michael fixes like a magician), an extra visit to the office is all I need. Looking back, I can't imagine what life would be like now without the benefits of Chiropractic care

John S.

As a psychologist, I fervently value the relationship between good mental and good physical health. It is truly a significantly important moment when a caring medical professional can relieve a physical pain that immediately impacts your daily life in a positive way. Dr. Montalbano is one of those caring professionals. He has treated me for a variety of ailments over the years and - through his use of chiropractic and reflexology - has kept me healthy and feeling pain-free. Dr. Montalbano affords each of his patients, no matter their age the time they need to relieve their symptoms and address the underlying cause of their discomfort. His commitment to his patients is extraordinary and certainly deserving of many accolades!

Debbie D. PhD

For the past six years I have been treated by Dr. Montalbano. As a distance runner, I have had various issues with my lower back, hips, knees and feet. Dr. Montalbano has diagnosed and treated potential problems that I was unaware existed. His holistic approach in treating the entire body and medical intuition, has allowed me to stay on my training schedules and remain injury free. He takes the time to listen to his patients, helps the body to relax and releases tight muscles before the adjustment. Dr. Montalbano is both caring and compassionate, it is rare that you find a health professional that is truly dedicated to curing injuries, preventing problems and maintaining the excellent health of his patients.

Deb R.

I have suffered from TMJ and headaches caused by this condition for several years. I was unable to find relief through traditional medical doctors and was only offered medication to alleviate my symptoms. After several visits to Dr. Montalbano, my headaches began to improve and I remain pain free today. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and none can compare to his unique method of treating patients. His combination of soft tissue therapy and chiropractic manipulation are novel and highly effective. Dr. Montalbano is empathic and is devoted to his patients and the community. Once you become a part of the Community Chiropractic family, you will never settle for anywhere else.

Rob R.

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